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Punjab VAT
S NoNameType
1The Punjab VAT Act 2005Act
2Central Sales Tax Act, 1956Act
3The Punjab Excise Act, 1914(Bare Act)Act
4Punjab Tax On Entry Of Goods Into Local Area Act,2000Act
5The Punjab Entertainment Duty Act, 1955Act
6The Punjab Tax on Luxury Tax Act 2009Act
S NoNameType
1The Punjab VAT Rules 2005Rules
2Central SalesTax (Registration & Turnover) Rules, 1957 Rules
3Punjab Tax on Entry of Goods into Local Area Rules, 1999Rules
4The Punjab Entertainment Duty Rules, 1956Rules
5The Punjab Tax on Luxury Tax Rules 2009Rules
S NoHeadingType
1Notification 25th Jan 2014vat
2Notification dated 25th January, 2014vat
3Notification 18th December, 2013VAT
4Notification 16th December, 2013VAT
5Notification 25th November, 2013VAT
6Notification 11th November , 2013VAT
7Notification 25nd October , 2013VAT
8Notification 22nd October , 2013VAT
9Notification 16th October , 2013 VAT
10Notification 4th October , 2013 VAT
11Notification 1st October , 2013VAT
12Notification 10th July, 2013VAT
13Notification 26th June, 2013VAT
14Notification 20th June, 2013VAT
15Notification June, 2013VAT
16Notification 24th May, 2013VAT
17Notification 18th April, 2013VAT
18Notification 16th April, 2013VAT
19Notification 16th April 2013VAT
20Notification 9th April_3, 2013VAT
21Notification 9th April_2, 2013VAT
22Notification 9th April_1, 2013VAT
23Notification 22th March, 2013VAT
24Notification 22th March, 2013VAT
25Notification 15th March, 2013VAT
26Notification 6th March, 2013VAT
27Notification 24th January 2013VAT
28Notification 15th January 2013 VAT
29Notification 7th January 2013VAT
30Notification 24th December 2012 VAT
31Notification 10th December 2012 VAT
32Notification 31st October 2012 VAT
33Notification 4th October 2012VAT
34Notification 18th September 2012 VAT
35Notification 12th September 2012VAT
36Notification 5th September 2012VAT
37Notification 3rd September 2012VAT
38Notification 24th July, 2012VAT
39Notification 30th March, 2012VAT
40Notification 30th March, 2012VAT
41Notification 30th March, 2012VAT
42Notification 24th March, 2012VAT
43CST NotificationsCST
44Entry Tax NotificationEntry Tax
45The Punjab Excise NotificationsExcise
46Notification 24th March, 2012 VAT
47Notification 24th March, 2012VAT
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S NoHeading
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